A report with 10 proposals for increased health and prosperity was handed over to the government

Published: 2023-06-28

Sweden is facing major challenges in both health and care. We get more efficient prevention, diagnostics, and treatment through research and development, however there are obstacles to unlocking the full potential. On 10 May Research!Sweden and the 35 organizations within “Agenda for Health and Prosperity” handed over a new report with analysis, proposals and action plans to the government.

The membership organization “Agenda for Health and Prosperity” consists of 35 organizations representing university, healthcare, industry, authorities, profession, and patient organizations.

– Our collective knowledge gives us a solid platform for systemic analysis, which we contribute with in a new report. We are worried about the decrease in public funding for medical research. Something needs to be done as soon as possible, for the development of healthcare and for the sake of the patients, says Tobias Alfvén, professor in Global Child Health and chairman of “Agenda for Health and Prosperity”.

With a focus on the present mandate period the members have agreed upon 10 higly prioritized proposals for Sweden to have

  • excellent research and education,
  • clinical studies as an integrated part of healthcare,
  • effective implementation of precision medicine and
  • a healthcare that acts as an early adopter.

“Agenda for Health and Prosperity” has also developed action plans with the ambition to strengthen the health and prosperity of the residents.

The new report was presented and discussed during a seminar where the minister of education Mats Persson and the minister of healthcare Acko Ankarberg Johansson were participating.

– We are very happy that both the minister of healthcare and education are participating in the hand over at today’s seminar and we hope that our work can contribute to decisions that will strengthen medical research and development, says Anna Nilsson Vindefjärd, secretary-general for Research!Sweden.

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