The Board of "Agenda for Health and Prosperity"

The Board of “Agenda för Health and Prosperity” is the decision-making body of the member organization at times when the annual meeting is not in session.

Tobias Alfvén (Chair)

Professor of Global Health at Karolinska Institute, Pediatrician at Södersjukhuset and President of the Swedish Medical Society

Margareta Haag

President of the Network Against Cancer, President of the Swedish Oedema Association

Göran Larsson

Head of research-, development and innovation at Region Västerbotten
Anna Nilsson Vindefjärd

Anna Nilsson Vindefjärd

Founder and Secretary General of Research!Sweden, PhD in Medical Innovation & Organization

Jakob Tellgren

Vice President Nordic and Baltic Region at MSD

Mia von Euler

Professor of Neurology, Dean, Faculty of Medicine and Health at Örebro University

Ann-Marie Wennberg

Hospital Director and Professor at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Chair of the National Health Care Competence Council and member of the National Innovation Council

Robert Kronqvist

CEO Apotekarsocieteten
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