The Research!Sweden-day

Research!Sweden-day is a celebration of science with cutting-edge talks. This exclusive conference brings together politicians with members of “Agenda for Health and Prosperity”, board members, donors, as well as specially invited representatives from academia, companies, healthcare and patient organizations.

We discuss how to strengthen medical research and development – for health and prosperity.

On this page you can read summaries and view material from the Research!Sweden-days. Please note that all the following information in the links is in Swedish.

Forska!Sverige-dagen 2022

Forska!Sverige-dagen 2021

Forska!Sverige-dagen 2019

Forska!Sverige-dagen 2018

Forska!Sverige-dagen 2017

Forska!Sverige-dagen 2016

Forska!Sverige-dagen 2015

Forska!Sverige-dagen 2014

Forska!Sverige-dagen 2013

Forska!Sverige-dagen 2012

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