Research!Sweden organizes several events and meetings every year. Moreover, we participate in external conferences and seminars, often as speakers.

The Research!Sweden-day

Research!Sweden-day is a celebration of science with cutting-edge talks. This exclusive conference brings together politicians with members of “Agenda for Health and Prosperity”,board members, donors, as well as specially invited representatives from academia, companies, healthcare and patient organizations. We discuss how to strengthen medical research and development – for health and prosperity.


Research!Sweden’s awards for researchers and politicians

Every year, we announce awards to a researcher and a politician who we want to thank for their commitment to medical research, innovation and patient benefit.




“Almedalsveckan” is a unique meeting place where a wide range of actors from the public, private and non-profit sectors, as well as political representatives and media, meet for a week to discuss important issues for the development of Swedish society. Research!Sweden participates and organizes seminars, and participates in events in collaboration with other organizations.



Agenda for Health and Prosperity

Events arranged by “Agenda for Health and Prosperity”.






Other events

Research!Sweden is frequently invited to speak, moderate and participate at external events.

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