Reports – Agenda for Health and Prosperity

“Agenda for Health and Prosperity” brings 40 organizations together from organizations representing academia, healthcare, industry, patient advocacy and other interest groups.

The members works closely together to improve the conditions for medical research, business and healthcare under the leadership of Research!Sweden. A main task is to provide evidence-based proposals for policy makers. We have limited the number of members to 40 to keep a tight network with high trust and think-tank methods. Moreover, we safeguard that there is a balance between the different perspectives represented in the group.

We focus on four areas:

  1. Excellent research and education – a prerequisite for competitiveness and prosperity
  2. A quality driven patient-focused healthcare– a well-functioning system that enables patents to benefit from new innovations
  3. A national structure for information – that enables collection, utilization and sharing of data to improve health
  4. An internationally competitive business environment – that attracts companies to conduct research, development and production in Sweden

Every year since 2015 we have contributed with a report with analyses, prioritized policy proposals and action plans. Most of the reports are available only in Swedish (for all reports see the Swedish website), but some have been translated into English.

Agenda for Health and Prosperity 2023

Download our one-pager (Swedish)

See the full report (Swedish)

Precision health – the way forward!

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See the full report (Swedish)

Medical research and development – a key in managing future health threats

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See the full report (Swedish)

Healthcare data – time to act!

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