Research!Sweden contribute with a number of different publications

For example:

  • statistical status reports,
  • analyses and policy proposals
  • opinion polls
  • fact sheets
  • films
  • and more

Below you can see the products that are available in English. Please visit our Swedish website to access all our publications.


Agenda for Health and Prosperity

Within our membership organization “Agenda for Health and Prosperity” we publish reports and status reports. Some of our reports and one-pagers are translated into English, and you find them here.






Opinion Polls

Research!Sweden conducts opinion polls about the public’s attitude to medical research and healthcare. Our latest opinion poll, for 2022, is available in English.





Status reports

Every year, Research!Sweden gather statistics about how Sweden stands in relation to other countries regarding, for example, investments in research, public costs for healthcare and scientific quality. Our latest status report, for 2022, is available in English.





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