Research!Sweden’s awards to researchers and decision makers

Every year, we announce awards to a researcher and a politician who we want to thank for their commitment to medical research, innovation and patient benefit.

Nominations can be submitted by Research!Swedens founders, board members, donors and members of  “Agenda for Health and Prosperity”. A jury, constituted by the foundation’s board members, makes the decision.

Award to researchers

Individual researchers who have recently published medical research results of high quality and of value to healthcare.


  • The research must be worldclass
  • The research must be relevant and able to demonstrate the value of medical research

Award to political decision-makers

Politicians or other decision-makers who promote medical research. Nominations can apply to politicians or other decision-makers who, at national-, regional-, or municipal level, have driven and implemented changes that benefit medical research or its application.


The person must, regarding medical research or its application:

  • Have publicly expressed an insight into the importance of medical research
  • Have promoted medical research through active measure such as investigations, proposals, motions, laws, or other measures in country councils or municipalities.

Honorary award

The honorary award goes to a person or organization that has shown extraordinary commitment and contributed to strengthening research, development and/or health.

Awards 2021

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