Research!Sweden in Almedalen

“Almedalsveckan” is a unique meeting place where a wide range of actors from the public, private and non-profit sectors, as well as political representatives and media, meet for a week to discuss important issues for the development of Sweden.

Research!Sweden participates and organizes seminars and participates in events in collaboration with other organizations. Here you can read summaries and view material from a selection of our activities. Please note that all the following information in the links is in Swedish.

Almedalsveckan 2022

Almedalsveckan 2019

Almedalsveckan 2018

Almedalsveckan 2017

Almedalsveckan 2016

Almedalsveckan 2015

Almedalsveckan 2014

Almedalsveckan 2013

Almedalsveckan 2012

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